How long will I be on Emergency Tax?

As soon as you receive your P45, provide it to your EMPLOYER and they will send it on to us for processing.

Once is is processed and sent to Revenue via ROS, your details will be updated in the next P2C file download from Revenue, something we carry out once per pay period.

Your P2C (tax credits/cut-off) details are then uploaded immediately to payroll so you are no longer on Emergency status. 

Please be patient while on Emergency Tax status as Jefferson Payroll cannot change your status until we receive an official digital certificate via ROS from Revenue.

If any tax is owed to you, it will be refunded automatically in the pay period following your status change.

If you have no PPS number you will also be on Emergency Tax and may move to a Week 1/Month 1 (W status) once you receive a PPS number.

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