Why have I not received a tax refund now I am on a normal basis?

1) It is possible that you have been paid by both your new and old employers during the same month and tax credits and cut off point have applied to both earnings where you should have been only entitled to one month's allowances.

2) If you have submitted your P45 for the current year to payroll when first commencing employment, you will be taxed on a week 1 basis.

When an updated tax cert on a normal basis has been issued for you by the Revenue you will then be taxed on a normal basis.

As you were taxed on a week 1 basis when you commenced employment you may not have overpaid any tax, therefore you will not receive any tax refund when your tax cert is processed through the payroll.

3) You were on Emergency Basis in a previous tax year, i.e., started employment at end of a tax year, e.g., December, and only turned normal in the following tax year.

In this case you need to bring a copy of your P45 that you provioded to your new employer and your original P60 for that tax year to your local tax office. They will calculate what is due to you and provide a rebate where applicable.

You can also ascertain whether you have overpaid any tax by calling Revenue on 1890 33 34 25 and quoting your PPS No.