Need to register? Here's a guide on registering for iPayslips

For users unable register:

Firstly please note: You cannot register on the mobile version. You must use the desktop version for registration. There is a link to the desktop version on the mobile version home page that will function on your phone/tablet.

If you are having trouble registering using the on-screen instructions, please download the PDF instructions attached.

This guide will help you if: 

  • You have never logged in
  • You am a first time user
  • You need to register / re-register
  • You cant register / can't log in
  • You are having trouble logging in or registering

It will ensure you have the least amount of problems registering and logging in.

Also try:

> Cannot login? Here's what to do...

> First Time User and PPS Not Found 

Invalid PPS or PPS Not Recognised message

> Buttons not working / site not responding