Invalid PPS or PPS not recognised?

An Invalid PPS or PPS not recognized means one of the following:

  1. You are a first time user and it is not yet pay day – please wait until pay day and try again.

  2. You have entered your PPS at a previous time to this screen and completed only Step 1 of the registration process, and there is an registration email somewhere in your inbox (or SPAM folder).  You need to complete Step 2.  If you cannot find this email you will need to Leave Us a Message.

  3. Both your PPS number and email have not been provided to Jefferson by the payroll contact in your company. iPayslips needs both PPS and email on the file for you to be included for iPayslips.  Please check with your employer (HR/Payroll contact in your company) if they have provided these to us. 

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